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Accident Repairs

Recognised and approved by Insurance Companies and Vehicle Manufacturers, we are a leading Accident Repair Center.  Whether your vehicle is involved in a minor scrape, or something more substantial, we will repair your vehicle to the highest standards of safety and quality. You can rest assured that you are in safe and very capable hands when Barton and Nichols Ltd work on your vehicle.   

Hybrids and EV's

The technicians at Barton and Nichols Ltd are amongst some of the best in the country. Each one has been trained and accredited to universally recognised standards.  This allows us to work safely on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, so you can be certain that your vehicle is in the best hands. 

Air Conditioning

Just like other parts of your car, the air-conditioning/climate control system of your vehicle, needs regular servicing to ensure it works efficiently.   Through a natural dissipation, your vehicle system looses up to 10% of its air-con gas every year.  This is why car manufacturers recommend your Air-Con system is serviced and recharged with gas and lubricant annually. This service is not part of routine vehicle servicing, so if your vehicle is more than a year old, itís probably due a recharge.  Poor maintenance here will cost you more in fuel usage, so it makes sense to have it looked after by the experts.

Wheel Alignment

Incorrect Wheel Alignment can result in rapid tyre wear, and can even affect the handling and safety of your vehicle. Wheel alignment can be affected by the smallest of issues such as clipping the kerb,  driving over a pothole in the road or by excessive wear to steering or suspension components. Accurate alignment of all of your vehicles wheels,  is vital to guarantee a smooth ride and to get the most out of your tyres.    Our technicians can align your vehicles wheels and tyres to the exact requirements, specific to the model of your vehicle.  With so much riding  on the 8inch wide strips of rubber, it make perfect sense to let the experts at Barton and Nichols Ltd look after your needs. 

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